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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  May 26, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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overnight shootings in philadelphia, the search is on for gunman. also a woman sexually assaulted in her own home and police think her attacker has done this before. how other incidents may now be connected. let's head outside right now. it is hot, humid. weather is back. sue serio standing by with what you can expect today and rest of the week. >> good day, everyone it is tuesday may 26th, 2015. speaking of the weather. last night a neighbor was nice to have a an ad hoc barbecue and all of the kid were running around. we all took a moment when the sun was going down to acknowledge how perfect the
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weather was last night around 7:30 last night. no bugs, no breeze. >> the breeze really saved us yesterday. we got to 87 degrees but it wasn't too humid. it was so pleasant outside as long as you took that allergy medication because yeah, we were outside too but achew. anyway, expect something similar today just a little bit more humid and a little bit more warmer, we will get nine out of ten. yesterday was a nine too. satellite and radar showing a few stray showers to the west, around pittsburgh, none of that making its way here. it is not too hot and humid yet. 66 degrees. you see the the breeze there with the american flag. 9-mile an her breeze out of the south. 73 percent relative humidity. your sunrise happening the at 5:38. it with will start getting light out any minute new fit is in the all right.
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60 degrees in pottstown. sixty-six in the city. sixty-one in lancaster. sixty-three wilmington. millville has 65. we are in the low to mid 60's at the jersey shore. is there your high temperature today, 89 degrees, warmer and a bit more humid. not quite oppressive just yet we will need a few more days of build up, for that to happen, but keep that in mind, the normal high is 77 is he we will be ten or 15 degrees above average. we like to be above average, but in the necessarily with temperatures. >> in the grade department, sister lavernea would love when we were above average 567:89:02. welcome back to work, school, come on, holiday is over. we have an accident. route 309, welsh road right across the movie theater to give you an idea there coming back from the shore wow what a crazy jam yesterday on the way back from the the beaches. jammed packed.
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everybody stayed the full day to catch up on all of the rays and the the beach time. right now the 42 freeway pockets of volume working in toward the the area bridges otherwise, no problems here up and down 476, as you roll through delaware county. leaving the shore no problems, if you are going to go right from the beach into the office this morning. the garden state parkway looking good. in problems on the atlantic city expressway, within the city though traffic lights are out the at 34th and grays ferry. it will be through most of the day because they are putting up stop signs at the moment at the intersection of the 34th and grays ferry, and fire location, with some local detours along diamond between 29th and 30th. mass transit looking good. in problems on september amtrak looking good up and down northeast corridor and no delays at the airport. chris and lauren, back to you. police are on the scene of the home invasion in oxford circle this happened around 3:00 this morning on the 2100 block of tyson avenue. at least two men with sky mask
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entered the home. there were people at home at that time. police say it does not appear that anything was taken and there nor reports of any injuries. also breaking news in north philadelphia, fire fighters on the scene of the fire at 29th and diamond street. fire involved two vacant row homes on that block. at this point we don't know what cause that had fire to start. philadelphia police are looking for a man who they say broke in the woman's home as she was sleeping and sexually assaulted her. >> so evidently this attack has parallels to what happened early this year. steve keeley is looking into that for us, steve good morning. >> reporter: difference is right now you hear sue and bob talk about this hot weather this makes especially single woman especially extra vulnerable because what do you do in hot weather? you open up your window. people in philadelphia like the classic screen down and that makes it easy to have people break in. since detectives do not even know how this guy got the in the woman's row home yesterday morning they want to warn everybody, in these hot summertime temperatures near 90, to be extra smart and safe a screen on those first
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floor windows, easy to cut lift and get in. and create that noise cover that will drawn out any noise that will wake you and your neighbors someone lifting and break go through a wind he. shut and lock all first floor windows despite the the heat if you live in the point breeze area, where these two women now at least police know of for right now have been attacked by a guy that may be the same guy who got in while they were a sleeping 3:00 a.m. in march 5:00a m yesterday. now this happened yesterday on rosewood here, that is at 18th near mifflin, a a very short walk from chadwick and 17th where previous attack happened similar to descriptionness both but stand out red gloves worn by the guy in both. >> this poor girl she's 35 years old. god only knows if she will want to come back to this house and live there. >> it is terrible. i wouldn't want it to happen to me or anybody, you know what i mean. i feel very sorry for her.
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it is a shame somebody else wasn't in there with her. maybe could have helped her. >> just terrible. you feel so what had. i have a daughter too. i don't want that to happen to my daughter. i feel bad in a neigh had like this. >> i'm really concern for a lot of the elders around here but this happened to the 35 year-old woman and i'm just so upset. this is a sketch of the rapist/robber from the first attack. he is small in stature only 5 feet eight. red gloves may be woman's gloves or could be that blaze orange hunter gear color orange that appear to be red in the darkness. now this guy got scared off in that first attack a few weeks ago because that woman for the back knocked over her big tv off the stand in the bedroom made a loud crashing noise and that scared the guy off. yesterday this guy got away with their victim's car crash, keys, victim's roommate's identification and one reason we only say at least two attacks because he threat tone come back if she
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called police and detectives wonder if there were other attacks or attempt on woman who may have been too scared that he would come back and did not call police. lauren and chris that car, may hold clues from fingerprints to dna and maybe he was seen driving it, getting out and parking it in the area with a lot of surveillance between rosewood and where the the car was found, not too far away making detectives think this guy is likely from the neighborhood and may have been seen, watching victims as well. so look out for anybody matching that sketch, in that neighborhood. especially if you see a guy when it is 90 degrees out even having red gloves let alone wearing them and not your local trash man give police a call. >> yeah, let's hope they catch this guy. steve keeley, thanks very much. 5:07 is your time. had happening overnight in north philadelphia, a 19 year-old man is dead following a shooting in the 2100 block of north 30th street. thirty lease say the victim died just after 11:00 p.m. of a single bullet wound.
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it was aimed from pretty far away. up investigators say a at least half dozen shots were fired from the semiautomatic weapon. the suspect is described as 5 feet eight wearing dark hooded clothes. that dark hooded sweat shirt i should say. homicide detectives are screening surveillance video in southwest philadelphia they are looking for two suspects responsible for a shooting, on 65th and elmwood. police say a 19 year-old victim was taken to the hospital around 10:00 o'clock where he died of two gunshot wound to the chest. people in the neighborhood, of course are helping police by sharing what they know. >> from witnesses they say that the shooters were last seen inside of a dark colored vehicle who was last seen traveling, south on 65th on elmwood. >> i don't know how inspector small keeps all these incidents straight. investigators say they found cash and a gun here near this victim's body. they are trying to determine if a weapon was used. vehicle crashed through the the side of the school in west philadelphia this
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morning. police are investigating this incident. it happened just after 8:00 o'clock last night at blankenburg elementary in west girard. the damage was pretty evident there. the driver was taken to presbyterian hospital. right now we have no word on on his or her condition. happening today a trial begins for a former philadelphia officer accused of instigating physical fights between teenagers. prosecutors say that tameika gross used her own son and daughter in the fights and in at least one case, she was accused of throwing punches herself. she's now facing several charges, including endangering the welfare of the child and multiple counts of the corruption of minor. case a beginsed a man accused on killing his wife will be in court today. christopher murray of northeast philadelphia accused of strangling his wife connie and leaving perfect body in penny pack park this happened last august. the connie murray's body was discovered a few days after police say christopher reported his wife missing. all right. so we all necessity this, philadelphia knows how to throw a party right. >> my goodness. >> how about the welcome america party those events
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culminate with the free concert on the ben franklin parkway. is there fire works. well to day we will learn which stars will head line the main events. so jennifer joyce, this is going to be announced evidently later today and it got us to thinking if we were to choose an artist we would like to see be the headliner who would it be, right? >> reporter: so we can't to hear from you, we have a hash tag, fox 29 good day so tweet us facebook us, instagram us, let us know who you are hoping to see. as we all know wawa welcome america facebook page is already trying to generate excitement about this announcement coming up on the an 11:00p. i don't know what you went last year, but there is hoagie day, where you can get a free hoagie. i can already picture you lining up for that. and then, also the party on the parkway of course, big concert at night. the last year we had a number of head liner, nicki minaj
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queen lah teave, and now we are wondering who will it this be year. so there is also a hash tag that is already going on, their facebook page, it the is hash tag philly owns the fourth. so what can we expect this year? we are again waiting to hear this big announce. the at 11:00 o'clock. so backing our own hash tag fox 29 good day get in touch and let us know who you want to see chris and lauren. >> do you know who would be fun. bruno mars. >> oh, yeah. >> would that rock. >> he is the best performer yes, i'm all about bruno mars. >> he owned the super bowl half time show a couple super bowls ago. wow rock the the parkway. >> reporter: he is so electrifying. so great. >> maybe alex could get up there to help him with uptown funk. >> there you go. >> all right. thanks jenny. use the hash tag fox 29 good day, who do you want to see head line that event. >> that is a if one, bruno. >> i like that one.
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>> deadly tornado rips through a city right near u.s./mexico border destroying everything in its path. poor mexicans living right along the border. the devastation and how they are dealing with this straight ahead. plus a waterspout launches a buns house in the the air while children are still inside. hear from people on the beach when this all happened.
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yeah. >> you ladies are off the charts. newlywed, and is engaged is always yelling in our ear. >> she never yells. >> she said move on. >> don't say stupid things like that. >> so she failed to tell thaws she got engaged on a saturday. >> yes, so she buried the lead. here's the deal when engagement happened on the beach in cape may there is a nice couple there that took video and everything else and then was going to text the video to them. >> maybe got the number wrong. >> it never went through. >> if were you there in cape may, by congress hall right by that beach. >> on may 16th. >> and you saw someone get engage. >> she's a producer here named justine. hopefully that person is watching. >> yes. >> stranger things have happen
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maybe this doodies watching good you can get to any of us by going to my fox >> any of our facebook are there, twitter are there e-mails are there. >> speaking of cape may we were there just a couple days ago. even in cape may the allergies are horrible. >> i know. >> ape it will stay that way. actually by friday, will pollen levels will go down but now we have grass pollen in addition to the tree pollen we have had all spring. we are at medium high levels. it could be worse. we could be at high, high but we're at medium high. it is a bad allergy season. days like yesterday you want to be outside and enjoy it. so make sure you have your medications, if you need it. high pressure is in control today. this weather pattern set up yesterday with the the southeasterly wind and that is the warmer winds because you see everything coming down from the warm area in the south. we have got a stationary front out to the west and of course nasty weather down to
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the southwest of us, moving out of texas and into louisiana. so will this ever make it through? yes. but not right away. things will get more unsettled as it gets more the hot and humid each day. is there ultimate doppler for us. we will jump down to louisiana where rain we had yesterday in texas and still more today around houston that has moved into louisiana and now hitting new orleans with heavy rains. new orleans below sea level. it doesn't take much to flood places there. so not a good morning for folks down there or in mississippi. there is still a tornado watch for southern louisiana as well. now, back to us, and back to the future cast, we have got cloud on the way here and there for this afternoon. don't expect any rain today or tonight but really not until tomorrow that we will start with the daily chance of pop up showers and thunderstorms maybe about six or 7:00 o'clock, bless you lauren thank you for proving
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my point about the allergy and then we have the same deal for thursday and probably for friday. temperatures in the 60's, every where this morning. upper 60's here. 60 degrees in pottstown. 64 degrees in wildwood. dew points in the upper 50's, still a little bit on the comfortable side but once we get in the 60's with the dew point it starts to get more sticky. that will be the case today when we get to 89 degrees. we may not make it to 90, but with the heat index it will feel like it is around 90 degrees, and then the same deal for tomorrow, for thursday, for friday, temperatures in the 80's but heat index, during the worst of it, will be in the 90-degree range and finally we do see things cooling off and back to the 70's but not until monday, of next week, bob kelly it is going to be hot. >> good looking weekend sue we have to pay the price eventually. 5:18. maybe that rain will clean out pollen in the air. allergies really bad this morning. good morning everybody. back to work and school after
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the holiday and live look at i-95, sun beginning to rise here in delaware county. live look here at 422 for gang coming out of royersford, collegeville heading in toward king of prussia again beginning of the morning rush hour starting to shape up here. even the schuylkill expressway looking good at the moment but pockets of volume from conshohocken in toward belmont avenue. then that road work today returning along route 202 out between chesterbrook and route 401 in both directions rolling through malvern coming back from the shore this morning. you stayed all the way to the end of the holiday weekend last night lot of folks like to come right back right into the the office on a tuesday morning, after the holiday and no problems along 42 or 55. 295 looking good as we work our way down into bellmawr and even schuylkill expressway in good shape over the whitman heading through south philadelphia. later tonight they will work on the schuylkill closed westbound at the 30th street
5:20 am
ramps and the traffic lights are out this morning at intersection of 34th and grays ferry. they are putting up stop signs. that sound like american just hitting the reset button there in the neighborhood. mass transit looking good with no delays, chris and lauren back to you. recovery efforts continue in texas where residents are reeling from catastrophic flooding. >> the numbers and the video equally horrible. flooding has left several people dead and more are still missing. kelly wright has the very latest. >> it is heart breaking. really heart breaking. >> reporter: death toll from severe storms in the southern plains is rising, officials say six people have been killed, in oklahoma, and texas, one of the victims a 14 year-old boy. drowned after getting caught in fast rising flood waters, outside dallas. >> we're devastating and we can imagine what the parents might be gone go through right now. >> meantime 12 people are reported missing in the town
5:21 am
of webberly which received a record amount of rainfall. police say they were in the house that washed down the blank co river. crews are expect to resume the search for them this morning. >> emphasis is a type one urban search and rescue task force. it is about 80 members or so and made up of search specialist k-9 k-9 search handlers and heavy rescue specialist. >> reporter: in houston a storm on monday night knocks out power to the thousands of homes, and leaves behind at least 5 inches have of rain. >> i didn't want to get washed away. we have my condo right behind us so the dam breaks, we can get washed up. >> reporter: texas governor greg abbott calling damage absolutely devastating. he warns the dangerous weather is not over just yet. >> get in front of what is going on, alert your citizen in your particular counties and communities about the
5:22 am
hazard and dangers that may be coming your way. >> reporter: governor abbott issued disaster declarations for 37 count ace cross texas which he a says will hopefully speed up recovery efforts. kelly wright, "fox news". rescue workers are digging through ruble of the damaged homes after a tornado slam through mexico city just across the boarder from texas. at least 13 people are killed, three are still missing. 300 are being treated at local hospitals for injuries. officials say as many as 200 home have been destroyed there. mexico's president is planning to travel to the towns to see the the damage firsthand and instruct the government to send resource toes help with the recovery there. three children hurt when a waterspout in south florida uprooted an inflatable bounce house. >> what are the chances all three kid were quickly thrown to the beach before the inflatable, flew up above the palm trees and then over four lanes of traffic. the bounce house eventually crashed into a parking lot. within woman says she was
5:23 am
sitting right in the path of the waterspout. >> we looked in the water and then it was coming to where we were sitting and it just made a turn and went right where the bounce house was and it just kept spinning up in the sky and kid kept falling out of it. >> unbelievable. >> two of the kid were treated and released from the hospital. a third was held overnight, we will update conditions over weekend. >> look at that thing being thrown in the air. >> i cannot imagine that. >> as a parent i cannot imagine. >> coming up, major change may come soon, on the details of the announcement that is expected to sometime today.
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new jersey's pension system is a mess but don't blame teachers and other school employees. over 20 years, teachers have paid more
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than 10 billion dollars into their pensions, but new jersey politicians have paid just three underfunding teacher pensions by billions. unless the state makes its pension payments the entire fund could disappear in twelve years- threatening over 200 thousand teachers with poverty in retirement. school employees have done their part. now, politicians need to do theirs. it's only fair.
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tomorrow your business news there are reports that charter communications may be in a kiehl to by time warner cable. that could be announce today. new york times is reporting a person with direct knowledge of the talks that the cost would be about $55 billion and make a new powerhouse in the american cable industry. charter has a lot of time warner cable earlier but time warner chose a 45 and million-dollar bid from comcast. we all know that fell apart after regulators said no, we will not do that to that end. regulators still have to approve this deal. death toll from faulty ignition switch necessary small cars made by general motors has continued to rise.
5:27 am
victim families are being offered compensation of one and million-dollar each. general motors has also agreed to make offers to 199 people, who were injured and crashed caused by switches in the chevy companiesbalt and other cars. gm recalled 2.6 million cars last year but acknowledged it knew about the problem with the switches for more than a decade. 5:27 is the time. coming up a big announce. today expect about philadelphia's july 4th celebration, who you want to perform a at the welcome america festival. tweet us, use the hash tag fox 29 good day, i think bruno mars would be great. >> that is a a good one. >> i still haven't decided.
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we have breaking news police invest faulting a home invasion. we have details on whom police are looking for this morning. search continues for person broke in the women's home in south philadelphia and sexually assaulted her. and a big announcement the is expected for the annual welcome america festival, which stars do you want in philly for the fourth of july. tweet us at hash tag fox 29 good day good day it is tuesday may 26th, 2015. i think every single person in the studio so far has sneezed or had to blow their nose. >> so right now if you are not next to the cameras diana with the headsets on, with the quiet sneeze. >> yes. >> it is allergy season.
5:31 am
>> what is bus stop buddy using for these. >> i should have, colored his nose red there because he is okay for right now because it was a day yesterday it was so beautiful, you wanted to spend it out of doors and now, we are paying the price with a little dripage in the back of the throat. you know the deal. we are off to a comfortable start. back to school and bus stop buddy we have polo shirt on today, should be fine. weather by the numbers, nine out of ten. we do not expect any rain today, and maybe a different story, tomorrow but ultimate doppler, and the satellite with it, shows the the story now starting to get light out 66 degrees, 9-mile an hour breeze 73 percent relative humidity and just about at our sunrise time officially at 5:38. love these long, long days when weather is nice and it was yesterday. temperatures in the 60's this morning. lower 60's to the north of us, 66 in philadelphia, as we showed you.
5:32 am
64 degrees in wildwood. eighty-nine the high temperature to take, warmer and more humid with a southeasterly breeze here and there. and then tonight the we are down to 68 degrees with a few cloud. but it still should be a comfortable nice but stickiness will be with us for a while. we will tell you how long when we bring thaw seven day forecast, as we head back to reality that means a lot more cars on the road, bob kelly. >> yes exactly. good morning 567:89:32. back to work and school. grab your allergy medicine and kleenex on your waste out the front door. live look here at the the schuylkill expressway, not bad at all into or out of the city. first day back is always crazy. here's the 42 freeway. folks like to stay at the shore, that extra day especially when it was nice yesterday and come back from the beach in the office, or we are starting to see pockets of volume here in toward the city. so far so good on the the atlantic city expressway near route 73 there and for gang,
5:33 am
from the garden state parkway between cape may all the way up through sea isle, up to the ac expressway, so far so good, at least for the moment. and then schuylkill expressway itself out of south philadelphia heading in toward the city. in problems necessity but later on tonight after the rush hour they will close the the westbound lanes so they can do some work under 30th street station. the traffic lights are out at 34th and grays ferry avenue. they have just put up stop signs. it sound like it will be here for most of the the day at least through the morning rush hour. so expect delays in and out of the neighborhood. also a fire location on diamond street between 29th and 30th. otherwise, out of northeast philadelphia, they are looking good on i-95. no problems coming back from the delaware beach these morning and mass transit running with no delays. chris and lauren, back to you. we have to get to this breaking news. police are on the scene of the home invasion in oxford circle this happened around 3:00 in the 2100 block of tyson avenue. at least two men wearing ski
5:34 am
masks entered this home. there were people home at the time. as of right now police tell us it does not appear that anything was taken from the home and there are no reports of any injuries. breaking news from north philadelphia, fire fighters on the scene of the fire at 29th and diamond streets. fire involved two vacant row homes on this block. no word on any injuries or what caused this fire. a horrifying attack on a philadelphia woman police say they broke in the home in the point breeze section as she slept and sexually assaulted her around 5:30 yesterday morning. before taking off the man stole a car keys and threatened her not the to call police. news of the attack has neighbors rattled. >> it is terrible. i wouldn't want to it happen to me or anybody, you know what i mean. i feel very sorry for her. it is a shame somebody else wasn't in there with her. >> police are trying to determine if yesterday's incident might be connected with an attempted rape from march. that happened just a few blocks away from that location. this is a composite sketch of
5:35 am
the suspect but march's attack. police say in both cases the a attacker was wearing red gloves. switching gears, when philly throws a party the entire country takes notice. >> when we throw a party the the entire boro takes notice the freeze concert right there on the the parkway of course, it is fourth of july followed by fire works. everybody will be telling their grand kid about at some point. fox 29's jenny joyce, hard to imagine you right now ever having grand side, so young and sweet, i don't know who wrote that introduction to you. >> you know what, i hear that was going so i didn't hear much except grand kids. i need to work on having my own kids which isn't happening anytime soon. well, first i have to show you i'm spoiled with this amazing view of the sunrise of our great city. can you imagine that this parkway in just a couple weeks will be absolutely
5:36 am
pennsylvania packed with fourth of july celebration underway. later this morning at 11:00 we will find out will be at this concert largest free concert in america. last years highlights included as always the roots and nicki minaj, jennifer hudson, air yan a grande, queen latifah some big names and philadelphia tradition has thousands of people line up to watch and here for not only the live music but also the the fire works. the wawa welcome america concert is usually finally of several events including a parade freedom ceremonies and party on the parkway. during the day on july 4th, we have music activities and games for the whole family. we will find out later this morning who will be performing this year. just over a month from now. wawa welcome america events will kick off an exciting summer and fall for philadelphia. so we want to know who do you want to see? who do you want to be here at this years concert. difficult get some tweets.
5:37 am
some somebody said rehand a she would be an awesome perform er. chris, i know you want bruno mars. >> i think you need that mix of a legend and then a current pop star, so in my mind i'm thinking john legend and he has been here before. he is a philly guy. it would make sense but even i know you guys have seen john bon jovi last week at the rutgers graduation. he would be awesome and maybe sam smith i love sam smith. >> good one. >> yes. >> he just had vocal surgery. >> but he will bounce back. >> will he be back by july 4th. >> he has a great voice. >> or ed she ran. >> he was here last year, i don't know if we will get that again but he is another great one. i feel like anybody who is relevant and who is just a legend that can get the entire crowd going. >> i wish you could hear jenny joyce, this one's impression of ed sheeran singing.
5:38 am
>> you don't want to hear. >> that is why i think bruno mars is perfect. wow get that crowd rocking. >> yes, he would. so tweet us and facebook us at fox 29 good day we want to see who you want to see. >> thanks, jen. >> john legend would be great again just to have him back. >> i don't know what he has done recently that will get the crowd rocking. >> wow, you have a high bar. >> i'm just realistic. >> that is a high standard. >> we will be right back.
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good morning i'm tom sredenschek phillies have in the won a series on the road since last december when they took two out three from the nationals. they start with the mets on monday in new york. sixth inning all tied at three, nil flores unties it. three run shot right here, phillies shut down rest of the way. heard this before, phillies lose opener on the road six-three. how about yankees and royals at yankee stadium yankees score eight in the first inning. how about home runs from chase. yankees pound royals 14-one. french open on monday venous williams knocked out by sloan stevens. match point coming up, this will be stevens serving in the far court. she acees venous williams and
5:42 am
win seven-six six-one. ncaa lacrosse final, wesley bird of denver scores five goals. seven time ncaa champion. six with princeton. the his first at denver. that is sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. nfl player ray mcdonald has been released from jail after posting jail for domestic violence rest. he walk out of jail in san jose california, pushing past cameras and reporters as he got in the taxi. officials say he physically assaulted a woman while holding a child. mcdonald was previously released for poor off the field behavior and this morning his new team the chicago bears well, they have released him as well. 5:42. still ahead was bb king killed. why the family of the blues legend suspects foul play in his death. >> that within a shocker. >> and later an eight two-year old roller coaster fan taste takes his hob toy a
5:43 am
whole new level his record breaking ride coming up.
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5:45 am
tell us the story behind this picture. >> austin is about to be four. he is not on any baseball team yet but his older brother is he said i want to go by a
5:46 am
baseball uniform. so we took him to the sports store, we got him the pants. bought the helmet, batting gloves. he is ready. >> what does the shirt say. >> home run. >> dad's cool, home run. he wanted to buy himself a baseball outfit. so he is ready to go. he has his uniform his bat his helmet ape gloves. >> does he have batting gloves. >> yes, i bought those the big, you know, home run. >> he loves running the bases. >> he want sod dirt. >> he wanted some dirt. he said i need dirt so i can slight get my pants all dirty just like noah, his older brother. >> come on. >> he is ready. he doesn't have a team yet. >> t ball coaches, reuben amaro, junior. >> he can hit good. he was hitting without the t yesterday in our backyard. so having some fun over the holiday weekend. i got the a baseball team ready to go. i'm ready for the draft.
5:47 am
good morning everybody. 5:46. north on the garden state parkway, at stone harbor interchange. watch it anyone watching us this morning and stayed an extra night and will come right back from the shore into the office, first accident of the morning on the shore town, roadway there. otherwise, traffic lights are out at 34th and grays ferry. they have put up stop signs that will be with us for most of the the day. fire location at diamond between 29th and 30th. septa's trent than line, northeast corridor looking good. no problems this morning. bridge lease good as well, tacony pal my, yeah walt whitman, commodore barry, we have had opening at that coney palmyra. folks taking boats out for memorial day no problems yet coming down i-95, schuylkill looking good. little bit of the delay on 476 for gang heading down toward the airport and is there a live look at the blue route 476, out of mid county.
5:48 am
for gang coming back from the poconos, watch for extra volume. you are not only one that stayed up there extra night and will go right from the mountains right into the office. we are in good shape across the board on the schuylkill expressway and i-95. as i mentioned mass transit looking good as well. one thing not looking goodies allergy count sue, rough day for the allergies. i hope we can get maybe a little rain in the forecast to clean the air out a little bit. >> that is not only reason we want the rain, bob kelly yes we were all outside enjoying the weather yesterday achew achew and we are also starting to get in the ab normally dry phase this is our drought monitor for northeastern part of the country. we need raines specially northern and western counties here are abnormally dry. we are not in the severe but nothing around here right now on ultimate doppler. if only we could take away this horrible flooding around houston, texas area and now
5:49 am
moving into new orleans w all these severe thunderstorms in southern lou san, all of this area in yellow here are under a tornado watch. so we will zoom in closer to see the red ape orange, very heavy rain moving into new orleans right now and undoubted, some flooding there as well. so it is feast or famine with this weather. for us, we're all seeing what about today with the rain in the forecast? it doesn't look like it will happen today. it is tomorrow when it is warmer and more humid then today that we will get some thunderstorms, kind of rolling in out of the west maybe six or 7:00 in the evening on wednesday. repeat of that on thursday toward evening hours as well. temperatures right now mid 60's in the city, upper six owe's to the north and mid 60's to the south and here is your allergy report. we have the oak and mulberry, tree pollen and grass is out there. so just a measurement of these parts per million. we are in the medium to medium
5:50 am
high range today, tomorrow, thursday, and even on friday, even with some rain in the forecast it was a warm memorial day 87 degrees, full 10 degrees above our average high for 25th, now 26th and we will get warmer with a high of 89 degrees upper 80's for wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, chance of afternoon thunderstorms each day we don't get any relief guys until monday of next week when we get to 72. >> yuck. >> hey sue. >> authorities stepping up their response to the large oil spill in southern california. newest mate suggests more than a hundred thousand gallons of oil were spilled in the ocean. they hoped the broken section of the pipeline that spilled oil along west coast can be removed for investigation by today. this step is expected to help investigators determine exactly what caused the rupture. >> could be maybe we need to look at pipe thickness maybe we need to look at the the
5:51 am
potential debtor something along those lines. >> all american pipeline has been measuring the spill since may 19th rupture. one sea lion nine pelicans and untold number of fish have been kill. >> one of the worst parties evidently there was no emergency shut off valve for that pipeline f that were in place we would not see that kind of damage and destruction. later today we could learn is what in the settlement between cleveland and uj justice department. the report determined that the cities police department regularly uses excessive force and require the city to device a plan to reform the police force. now, a 2012 case prompted this review. so we're going back two and a half to three years now. several office are fired a combined 137 shots at two people during a high speed chase. victims were killed. on saturday an officer charged in connection with that case was acquitted of manslaughter.
5:52 am
police in washington tc released this people detained in connection with the murders of the wealthy family at their mansion. daron wint is only person charged in the case. ceo and his wife, ten year-old son and house keeper were all killed. police believe wint had help holding the the family hostage but no other suspects were identified. wint was arrested thursday and four other people were detained at that same time. this next one would be a true shocker, las vegas police are denying is there a homicide investigation underway in connection with the death of the legendary blues singer bb king. >> this comes after the blues legend's daughters claims king was poisoned, right now coroner says no evidence has been found to suggest king was poisoned and an autopsy was performed on sunday but forensic test results. could take weeks. king's doubt's ledge king's business manager and an assistant caused his death. king died on may fourth event. 5:52. still ahead eight two-year old roller coaster fan takes his
5:53 am
hobby to a new level. how many times he rode his favorite coaster in just one day.
5:54 am
5:55 am
we are looking at the sunrise over olde city, sue serio will have more on the forecast in just a moment. eight two-year old roller coaster fanatic near pittsburgh takes his hob toy a whole new record breaking
5:56 am
level. vic cleanman has been opposite hundred of roller coaster but nothing beats the jack rob it, in sunday he rode the coaster 95 consecutive times, helping to celebrate the ride's 95th anniversary bringing his lifetime total to more than 5,000 rides. >> that sound like a good number. so i'll stop counting after that but i'll be riding ate lot and we will see what happens. >> he rode the same roller coaster 80 times on his eighty-eighth birthday. brave soul. coming up devastating flooding in texas and in the over yet new problems facing parts of the south today. a waterspout comes a shore in florida sending a bounce house flying. what happened the moment it went air been that may have
5:57 am
saved their lives. mike and alex are up next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
final night in philadelphia leaves two people dead, search for their killer is on right now. woman attacked but police say this man struck before unique piece of clothe to go link him to another crime. up, up and away look out
6:00 am
waterspout comes on shore. can you see it there. you can sure see it when it hits a bounce house with kids inside. look out. we will show you this when it takes off. split goes. hey, everybody it is tuesday, day after memorial day, may 26th, 2015. good morning. >> good morning. >> that was great. >> good weekend. >> it is tough when that alarm goes a off at 2:00 a.m. when the day goes off. >> irish tan on the nose there. >> i understand what you are saying. >> it looks good on you. >> thank you. >> my alarm went off at two and i hit it, and here i am. >> here we all are and here you are too. >> yes. >> put some clothes on. >> seriously. >> how about a nine. we have had a nine yesterday. it will be more humid. it is in the like you


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